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This smart, natural fiber will help keep you cool, dry, and refreshed — here’s a few tips so you can return the favor.

Care Tips

This a natural fabric with special features. To maintain the smooth surface and beautiful appearance we recommend to hand wash in warm or cool water and mild detergent.
When ironing use the lowest temperature setting that will produce steam.

How to wash Lyocell?

This a natural fabric with special features. To maintain the smooth surface and beautiful appearance we recommend to handwash in warm or cool water and mild detergent. Hand washing is gentler and is enough to prevent damage. Remember never to twist or squeeze the wet fabric and air dry it using a hanger. Moreover, undesired stiffness can be removed by putting the garment with a towel into a dryer on low setting to improve the garments softness.

How to iron Lyocell?

Use the lowest iron temperature setting that will produce steam (medium setting max).
Always iron on the wrong side of the fabric.
Use a pressing cloth between the lyocell fabric and the iron.
Note: ironing at very high temperatures can scorch cellulosic fibers.

Got a spill?

Treat any spot/ stains immediately! Grab your favorite gentle stain remover to treat the area and follow up with a good hand wash in cool water.

Wear them more!

Because your Lyocell garments are antimicrobial you can wash them less — every 3-4 wears is preferable.

Pro Tips

Lay your pieces flat to dry in their natural shape (line-drying may cause your items to stretch or become misshapen, and nobody wants that).


Does Lyocell Shrink?

As lyocell is a delicate fabric, it requires hand-washing in cold water. When you first wash lyocell, you will notice that it will shrink by about 3 percent. Then, it will resist shrinking as long as you continue to use a gentle detergent and continue washing in cold water. You may wash lyocell in the machine using the gentle cycle. You can use a warm iron to give the garment a bit of a touch up. If you apply too much heat, it might scorch the fabric. Always follow the washing requirements to prevent shrinkage.

Is Lyocell Breathable?

Now, you might be wondering whether tencel is breathable or not. It is a natural fiber that is made from wood pulp. Since tencel performs very well in breathability tests, it is easily one of the most breathable fabrics. It consists of microfiber which ensures breathability.

Lyocell has a low ecological impact. It is actually just as natural as any other natural material like cotton. However, it uses even less resources. Gone are the days when people purchased cotton only for breathability. Lyocell has become a popular alternative as it does an even better job. It allows your skin to breathe and prevents you from feeling sweaty.

Is Lyocell Stretchy?

Lyocell is a stretchable fabric which does a great job at holding its original shape no matter how many times you stretch. It bounces right back to its original shape and size. This helps ensure that there is no bagging or dropping. However, you should bear in mind that it is not a miracle fabric. Therefore, you should not expect its stretching to be as good as spandex, nylon, rubber, or elastic. You simply cannot compare lyocell to these fabrics. Lyocell has been designed with comfort in mind. It offers a smooth feel that is hard to rival. From the moment you put in on, you will feel irresistible.

Is Lyocell Warm?

Finally, a common concern among people is whether lyocell is warm. As lyocell contains hydrophilic fibers, you will experience far less sweat on your body when you sleep. This makes it the ideal fabric for hot sleepers or those of you who live in very humid countries.

If you are tired of having to switch on the air conditioner every night and want a good night’s sleep, lyocell is just the fabric you need. When you use lyocell bed sheet, you will not sweat as much and will be able to enjoy your bedtime. The main reason why lyocell does a fantastic job at keeping you cool is because it pulls moisture away and promotes cooling. It also pulls heat away from your skin. Thus, you get to remain dry throughout your sleep.

Lyocell Collection

Lyocell is breathable, strong and gentle on skin with a soft, silky texture.


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